You can't be perfect (as long as pizza exists) - Tips for starting a new program


Maybe pizza isn't your unhealthy food of choice, but I could live on pizza. I could definitely eat pizza everyday...and not just one piece...I can eat an entire pizza....

Enough about pizza! We all have our food that we just can't live without forever. We have events, weddings, parties, or going out to eat with friends, birthday parties, whatever the event its - it's no fun to not participate in the appetizers or beverages!

I am finishing up P90x3 (90 total days) and there were several times I 'cheated' on my nutrition. I had state for track at EIU and ate terribly, I had weddings, vacation weekends, and just nights I wanted some darn chips and guac. I'd estimate I went about 75% good choices, 25% bad choices with my food. Fries were eaten on multiple occasions...

Now, I do think I could have been better, but 90 days is a long time. I think it helped me get through the program being content with my 75/25 ratio.

I feel 10000 times better at the end of this 90 days than i did when I started. I have more energy, more confidence, clearer skin, and a much more positive attitude overall.

In the end, I saw great results - while I may have made poor nutrition choices, I NEVER skipped a workout. I should really say that I rescheduled some. I may have skipped a day - but I doubled up the next day. I'm proud to say that I completed ALL 90 workouts!

Helpful tips before starting a new program:1) Create an attainable nutrition goal (will you be 90/10, 80/20, 70/30?)2) Commit to the workouts and commit to the intensity3) Determine why you are doing this program. (Overall health, weight, inches, etc.)4) If you are not doing a specific workout program, determine the number of days you will be committed to working out and eating right. (Will it be 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 7 weeks, 12 weeks?)5) MEASURE! Inches can mean more than the number on the scale. You should be able to be proud of the inches you lost! 6) Find a support system. Find away to be held accountable for finishing your workouts or making good nutritional choices!

If you're looking for a new at home workout program - let me know! I can help find one that will work for you!