Baker's Beware: The Danger of White Flour

So the past several weeks I have been educating myself as much as I can on what will make me the healthiest version of myself. I've been compiling lists off foods to avoid AT ALL COSTS!

I'm not perfect, and struggle with nutrition every day, and I'm here to share my findings with all of you! So many of the ingredients made in conventional foods that we grew up with are legitimately killing us & can have serious effects on not only us but future children as well.

One of the things I have been researching is WHITE FLOUR. This isn't just about cookies....It's about sandwiches, pastas, and anything made with white flour. In this american society, we eat a ridiculous amount of white flour if you stop and think about it. 

I grew up on PB&J on white bread. I ate it EVERY SINGLE DAY. The problems is, wheat bread is not a safe alternative - but that's for a different post :)


Back to white flour. I've linked 2 articles for more details below and I'll give you the highlights!

White flour contains Alloxan. It is commonly known among scientists that Alloxan is a diabetes-causing chemical. In fact, when they do research on animals for different diabetes research, the animals must first have diabetes. How do they get diabetes? They pump Alloxan into their systems :(

While there are a lot of factors that cause a person to get type 2 diabetes, eating white flour will only up your chances. 

The PROCESS of making white flour pretty much removes any health benefits that existed in the grains to begin with. So not only are you getting NO nutritional value you are also ingesting potentially extremely damaging chemicals. 

Not only is the flour a problem, the refined sugars we use to bake these cookies are one of the top most addictive foods out there. They give our body quick energy and our body knows it. They give us energy in the MOMENT and a larger behind :( 

It's best to try and avoid these as much as we can. We all know that once you eat one cookie - it's not long before you eat 10. At least if you're me anyway...

Don't worry - I wouldn't expect you to stop baking cookies since it is what we have created as a holiday tradition :) However, there are plenty of non-food related traditions you can start up as well!! 

I haven't made these yet but they sure look yummy! I'm going to make them this weekend & I'll let you know how they turn out :)

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