This week's meal planning - Hammer and Chisel Weekly Meal Plan

This week me and my husband are starting Hammer and Chisel which means we need a sound meal plan!

Meal planning saves money & keeps you on track. In my experience, when I don't have a plan with what to eat and when to eat - I spend money on food and food that not healthy. I grab snacks and things that will make me reaching my goals take longer.

I heard once that you're either paying in money or time, and I'm ALL about saving time. 

This week, our meals wont be 100% up to clean eating standards/Hammer and Chisel meal plan, but honestly, I don't strive for perfect, I strive to do the best that I can.

That means, when we have leftovers from the weekend, we use them so we don't waste food. We have leftover buns from new years, so we will be using those buns for sloppy joe's and burgers.

Wednesday I have a dinner date with a friend, so I have nothing planned for that day. We also make enough for leftovers so we have lunch the next day! I am also making my favorite sausage and peppers dish for later in the week when we don't have any leftovers!

On the dinner menu this week:

Sunday - Clean Shredded Chicken Tacos & Green Beans

Monday - Clean Sloppy Joe's

Tuesday - Hamburgers & Broccoli

Wednesday - Out for Dinner

Thursday - Caesar Salad Pizza

Friday  - Tortilla Pizza

Lunch Menu: 

Monday - Tacos

Tuesday - Sloppy Joe's

Wednesday - Tacos/Sloppy Joes

Thursday - Sausage and Peppers

Friday -  Sausage and Peppers

Breakfast Menu:

I have my shakeology every day with almond milk, peanut butter, and a banana :)


Mid-morning snack consists of 2 scrambled eggs with onion and green peppers

Afternoon Snack is an apple. 

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