Homemade Laundry Detergent (With No Scary Ingredients)

It really bothers me that detergent does not have the ingredients listed on the bottle OR even on their website! I mean, come on, if there was normal stuff in there, then you would list it right? I tried a google search for all free & clear since that was what we used to use, but didn't work that well and wasn't really that great with my husband's sensitive skin. Couldn't even find the ingredients on the all website! THAT'S CRAZY! I did find this rating of the detergent and this list of ingredients.

So, in the midst of that detergent not working, I started my quest to making my own. It's incredibly easy and very effective!


1 Quart Warm Water

1/8 Cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (Can find at any store - I got mine at Marianos for like $4, I think. You can get it on amazon, but don't, it's way to expensive!!)

1/8 Cup Baking Soda

1/4 Cup Lavender Castile Soap or Unscented (Like this one)

10 Drops of Essential Oils (I used 6 Lavender and 4 Joy)

One quart mason jar (I get mine at Joann's with a 50% coupon!)

All you have to do is stir the ingredients togetheR!

I use a pitcher and it makes it super easy! It is important to stir it really good before you store it. While it is being stored, it will clump up a little bit. Just give it a shake and pour it into the washing machine. Its generally a bit clumpy when I do that and it still works great.

My husband has some SERIOUS sensitive skin. We've tried everything you can buy at the store and this truly is the best for him. Also, my dirty super smelly and sweaty workout clothes are super clean when I'm finished, so I know it works great!

Use about 1/2 cup per load. With all the supplies above, I spent, one time, about $45 and I've been doing laundry for a year. Let's say i do, on average, four loads of laundry per week.


that's about 156 loads per year. The math tells me that's $0.21 per load last year.


hOWEVER, i have the majority of my supplies left for AT LEAST another year of laundry,

so really you can say it's truly less than $0.11 per load.


Don't forget - this is for natural chemical free detergent!

Comparisons (using prices on target.com):

  • Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent is listed at $19.99 for 99 loads: $0.20 per load. 
  • Method is listed for $12.99 for 66 loads: $0.19 per load.
  • All Free and Clear (my old go-to, but honestly, this homemade recipe is WAY better) is listed for $9.99 for 94 loads: $0.11 per load.

so: better detergent for much less $. and it's SUPER easy to make. It takes about 3 minutes to whip up!

Let me know if you try it!

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