Starting Whole30 | Week 1 Meal Plan | Prepping for Whole30

Starting Whole 30 | Week 1 Meal Plan

I've been thinking about doing Whole30 for probably about a year now and have been putting it off. Mostly because I was lying to myself a bit - I really do eat well most of the time. However, I also eat terribly quite often. I wasn't really admitting to myself how those meals added up over time. I have also been scared. To give up so many foods for 30 days - no cheats - is a little scary! To go out with my friends and not be able to enjoy some drinks - is hard for me! But, come on, I should be able to go 30 days without alcohol. So, I've decided to take the plunge and start tomorrow! Thankfully Ryan will be joining me through this :) I know 100% I wouldn't be able to do it without him!! It's so helpful to have each other to be accountable. I am a little nervous, but I know we can do it. We will plan ahead and make no excuses - it's about our health right!? What's more important than that!?

I suggest getting the book - it has a ton of great information and awesome recipes. I've made several of them already!  I love cookbooks and have a collection - this is definitely one of the best as far as truly healthy and yummy options go! 

So here is our meal plan for our first week. Most of the recipes are from the Whole30 book. In addition to the meals below, we are making an additional pot of chili so we can have that on hand if we get hungry - then we have no excuse to go off the plan!! Our biggest challenge will be my cousin's wedding next weekend. We plan to eat before we go and will resist any urge to drink! Our dinner should be fine - I'm assuming its chicken or steak with veggies :)

Whole30 Week 1:

Whole 30 Week 1.PNG

There are also so many recipes on Pinterest if you search Whole30 and whatever you are in the mood for!

You can download/look at some stuff from their website too!

Wish us luck!! We will keep updating you with our progress!