Homemade Natural Body Wash | Easy DIY Recipe

This natural body wash is one of the easiest things you can DIY for your home. You are doing yourself a favor by upgrading your ingredients and things you put onto your body. Plus, it works so well! I will absolutely never go back to any other body wash. Read on for how easy it is!

Homemade Natural Body Wash | Easy DIY Recipe

I've recently started to look into making more natural products. I started with some lotion and now have moved onto body wash.

Let me start by saying that wow this stuff works. Like for real. I was starting to feel like I couldn't make it through the day without getting smelly or uncomfortable. I was using an unscented target brand soap for a while and I thought, hey, this doesn't seem to be working so I might as well try something new!    

I'm now on my third batch and like it even more. I used tea tree oil for the first batch and it worked great but I just didn't really like the smell. The second batch is sweet orange and smells much better, but I really think the tea tree oil cleans better and works throughout the entire day.  You could also go unscented - it would probably have a minimal honey smell which would probably be good. 

Anyway - it's suuuuper easy to make and definitely worth the few minutes it takes! 

Homemade Natural Body Wash | Easy DIY Recipe

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Castile Soap

Raw Organic Honey (Try to grab some at a local farmer’s market!)

Jojoba oil

15 ish drops of tea tree essential oil


Fill up half your container with castile soap. Then, fill one quarter with honey and the other remaining quarter with jojoba oil. Then, drop in about 15 drops of essential oils! Mix all up and you’re ready to go!

It does separate, so just shake before each use!

I will say, I don't love the smell of tea tree oil, but it really works. For me, it worked better than the orange probably due to it's disinfectant properties

Homemade Natural Body Wash | Easy DIY Recipe