What you really need for a Newborn | A Practical and Minimal List of Newborn Necessities

Do you ever look at the lists people recommend and think, wow that still seems like a lot of stuff? Well, minimalist wannabe here and I’ve come up with the perfect list of things you need for your baby registry and things you will ACTUALLY use once they are born! As always, I try to provide natural products that are cost effective :)


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Updated October 2018

The past few weeks have been the most rewarding and tiring of my life! Having a new baby is definitely an adjustment, but any challenges that arise are just so so worth it. I went into this whole thing pretty blind...I mean all I ever see and hear is that "every baby is different" and that is very very true. I researched "must haves" for registries and saw posts in random Facebook groups. I decided to write up what I've found useful so far and what has been working for us :)



So, the newborn lounger is not technically for sleeping, but my girl definitely snoozes in it quite often. It is amazing and you need one.

**UPDATE** Parker was out of her bassinet at 7 weeks, she out grew it lol we ended up moving her crib into our room and she slept in there. I would probably skip the bassinet entirely and just either move the crib into your room or use the pack and play! I've also heard great things about the dock-a-tot but we didn't use one. They also sell mini cribs that you can get too if you are short on space! 



So, the Pack and Play with the newborn station has been amazing for us!!! We use it as our downstairs changing station most! We turn the changer upside down and it becomes a bassinet that she can sleep/chill in while we get a few things done around the main floor. I think it is our most used item at this point!

We have a changing pad on top of a dresser (see my DIY here) in her bedroom. I only had one cover but have since realized that babies are super messy and it's good to have a back up while you wash the dirty one! **Update** I rarely put the cover on at this point. It's easier to just wipe the pad when she pees all over it :)

Diapers - we brought home a bunch of Huggies diapers from the hospital and used those in the first two weeks. We've moved on to pampers swaddlers but are going to try out some different kinds here to see what we like/if we can save $. 

Water Wipes - super natural awesome wipes

Coconut oil - super great for diaper cream. Natural and moisturizing. We have had VERY FEW diaper rashes in our house!



  • Baby Bath Tub

  • Baby Soap (we love this for P’s sensitive skin + exzema)

  • Towels

  • Wash cloths (these are sooo soft I want them for myself)

At first you will just be using a washcloth and some soap for a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off. We've given P one bath and she loved it! It was a relief! You'll have to decide if you want one to go in your sink, on the counter, or whatever will work for you.

*update: it’s December 2018 and she is 14 months old. She is STILL USING HER BABY BATH TUB LOL!



  • Coconut Oil (Litereally amazing for all things!)

  • Baby Nail File & Clippers (As she got bigger we used the clippers)

  • Laundry Detergent (DIY this one as a MUCH cheaper/clean alternative!)

  • Clothes**

Ok, clothes go without saying. I will say that my daughter was 9 lb 7 oz and wore newborn sized clothes for the first two weeks, so you probably definitely want some newborn size clothes!

We used coconut oil for baby acne, little cuts because they scratch themselves, dry skin, eczema, and diaper cream. She literally didn’t get a diaper rash until she was 9 months old!!

**UPDATE** Parker got SO HOT in the bundle me in the car, we ended up not using it much. I like the idea of it, but with Parker's eczema we just needed her to stop sweating :)  As far as clothes go,  you don't need much. We LOVE sleep and plays. Like, they're the easiest to wear during the day. 



I could not survive without the gel pads and nipple cream. Breastfeeding is HARD. I also need the pillow to get Parker in the right position, we are working with the LC on our latch to help my poor nipples :(

I have gotten a few different tank tops, but I like the ones from Walmart and old navy. The Walmart ones have lace on them which isn't really my thing, but they work! 



I recommend going to the store and pushing/folding/carrying strollers before you decide. I LOVE my Uppababy Cruz stroller and car seat. It is light weight, easy to fold, and rolls nice. There are so many options out there though!

I’m so glad we registered for the convertible carseat, we ended up switching P out of her carrier around 9 months because she was too heavy lol We had to buy a second one for the husband’s car + baby #2 on the way so I’m so happy we already had one!

Let me know if you have any other items that were must haves!!!!