DIY Craft Table

Easy DIY Craft Table


I'm so fortunate to have a room in my house dedicated to crafts :) I am also lucky to have a husband who can help me create the things I need to store all of my stuff! I obviously needed a table to I could do all the crafts! It was also something I needed to cut fabric, so I did use a cutting mat on the top. It turned out perfect!




I started by assembling the bookshelves. It's important you know the width so you can build the top around the shelves. We cut the wood pieces so they would fit just around the two bookshelves. We secured the two pieces of wood with the metal brackets and then used the kreg jig to secure the pieces that go around the bookshelves! Unfortunately, the size of the wood pieces will vary depending on what bookshelves you buy. As always, measure twice and cut once :)

We glued the cutting mat on the top and then had to use the jig saw to cut one edge, it was too wide. The table ends up being about 46 in (the whole length of the cutting mat) by about 31 inches. 

Easy DIY Craft Table

Here are some more photos of the craft room!

I made this to hold my washi tape collection! Obviously I need more washi Tape :)


I made these with water colors, sooo easy!

Wall art.jpg
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