DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap | Natural Hand Soap Recipe

DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Look, I know you can get hand soap pretty darn cheap at the store or when bath and body works has like a buy 1 get 3 free sale. (I don't know if that's a real thing lol but you get the idea!) You may even have your favorite scent that you can't live without...but in my journey to make my own cleaning supplies this hand soap has moved to the top of my favorites list!

I don't like super scented things, so making my own soap is my jam. I can control how much I have to smell it after I wash which makes me very happy! But if there are certain scents you like, you can use different essential oils to help you find exactly what you are looking for :)

This soap is beyond easy to make, it takes literally 2 minutes... and if you have started your journey to a more simple and natural life (like me) you may already have what you need! I did have to buy some soap pumps on amazon, but prime makes my life easier in that way!

DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap


DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap
DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Makes: 1 Canister

DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Prep time:

Cook time:


  • 1 Part Castile Soap
  • 3 Parts Distilled Water
  • 1 tsp Vegetable Glycerin or Vitamin E Oil
  • 10-15 Drops Essential Oil


  1. Mix 1 part Castile Soap with 3 Parts Water. You can eyeball this based on the size of your soap dispenser! For example, if you can fit 1 cup of liquid, you would use 1/4 cup Castile Soap and 3/4 Cups Water. It doesn't need to be super exact.
  2. Add in 1 tsp Vegetable Glycerin.
  3. Add about 10-15 drops of your favorite anti-bacterial essential oil.
  4. That's it!
DIY Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Comment below & let me know if you try the recipe!!