Top 5 Easy Tips to Keeping your Home Organized and Clutter Free

Now that Marie Kondo is on Netflix, I feel like everyone is talking about her/her book/decluttering their homes! I don’t love all of Kondo’s methods and ways, but I love that she is helping people organize their homes. For me, a decluttered/unorganized/messy/filled up home is cause for a lot of stress. I’m not perfect, and have a ways to go, but I’ve learned a lot over my journey this past year.

Did you know that as adults, it is estimated that we make about 35,000 remotely conscious choices each day? (Source) When you walk by an area of your house, or close the closet door with out doing anything about the clutter, you are MAKING THE DECISION to ignore that area. I don’t know about you, but as a working mom my brain is already fried…I cannot handle any extra decision making lol Like, most days I get annoyed that I have to choose what TV show we’re going to watch….

Anyway, decluttering and organizing these trouble spots in my home have opened the door to a less stressful day. It helps me get through the day not thinking about these messy areas in the back of my head!

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Like I said, I’m not perfect, nor am I 100% with these daily habits…I often let thing spiral out of control… but I promise you, if you implement these 5 tips to your daily routine, you will see an improvement with your mental state.

Top 5 Tips

1.Make Your Bed

It’s honestly as simple as making your bed as soon as you wake up, or maybe making your side until your partner can get up and make theirs. It’s a way for you to accomplish a goal before you even start your day!

2.Empty Your Sink

This is one area that I struggle with. Commit to having a clean sink by the end of each day. That means, all dishes are in the dishwasher, or put away. Again, this creates a space that now you can walk by and not cringe at the pile of dishes you have accumulated!

3.Contain and Clear Your Hot Spots

This one is my favorite. We all have spaces around the house that our clutter just lives. Mine are my kitchen table and dresser top in my bedroom. Your goal each day is to contain the clutter. We don’t need to say it’s never going to happen (because it is) but rather, contain it in a small space that we can easily clear out at the end of the day or every few days.

I recommend these small bins. It has helped me so much to place these around the house where I tend to see clutter pile up and it is known in my house that if you’re going to throw something on the table right, it must go in the bin. And if the bin is full, you must empty it!!

4.Set a 15 Minute Timer

Even with the three tips above, there are areas that still get messy. Laundry, toys, bathrooms, whatever it is in your home and it needs to be cleaned up. Set a 15 minute timer at some point before bed to clean up these spaces. At first, you may need a bit longer to actually clean it, but once you are in maintenance mode, 15 minutes should be plenty of time :)

Enlist Everyone’s Help

Unless you live alone, you shouldn’t be maintaining your house alone. Divide up jobs, switch off doing dishes, make sure everyone is pulling their weight!!

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Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you do any of these? Do you think these will help you??