How to Make an Easy DIY Reverse Canvas Tutorial | DIY Valentine's Day Decor Idea

Easy Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas Tutorial! I love Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Décor that can be made with my Silhouette. These DIY Reverse Canvases are such a quick and cheap project good for your home, office or your friends. This step-by-step “How to Make a Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas tutorial “ will take you through exactly how to create your own with a free SVG File available!

These Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas Ideas are great home décor options and you could even make some for any holiday or occasion. These Reverse Canvases are made with Permanent Vinyl (Oracle 651), Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), or even with paint. Such a cute and easy DIY holiday décor project!

Easy DIY Reverse Canvas Valentine's Day Decor

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If you are like me, you are last minute in your decorating efforts. I’ve never actually decorated for Valentine’s Day before! I really don’t want to clutter my home or holiday storage, so I figured I’d make two canvases for Valentine’s Day and I’ll probably make two for St. Patrick’s Day and maybe for Easter or July 4th! This way, I can have simple items out just for these holidays and put them right back into the storage bin once they pass.

I’m on a quest to use all of the crafting supplies that I have in my home or give them away if I know they’ll just collect dust. Well, I have a ton of canvases and figured that I’d use them to make my own DIY Reverse Canvas.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas tutorial

What is a Reverse Canvas?

A canvas is just sheet of canvas material wrapped around a wood frame, and stapled to the back. The idea is that if you remove the canvas, you can expose the frame. You then just put the canvas on the back, so it is now a framed canvas! A Reverse Canvas a cheap and easy home décor item. It allows you to have a framed piece without buying or building the frame!


Where can I buy a Canvas?

You will want to choose your size! The two I’ve used in this tutorial are 12x12 and 9x12. The prices vary from store to store but are usually pretty consistent. I think at Michael’s they are considered every day value so you won’t be able to use a coupon. However, I’d check the weekly ad’s to see if they are on sale at any of these places before you purchase.

  • Amazon
  • Michaels
  • Joann’s
  • Hobby Lobby
How to Make a Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas tutorial

What materials do I use to decorate the canvas?

Well, you have a few options. There are pros and cons to each option. The canvases pictured here have HTV.

1) Freezer Paper & Paint

This the cheapest and fairly easy way to decorate your canvas! You create/cut the stencil with freezer paper, iron the paper onto the canvas, and paint. The only down fall is that you risk bleeding and not perfectly amazing letters. However, you can try it and hope for the best!

2) Permanent Vinyl (Oracle 651)

Between the two vinyl options, 651 is much cheaper than HTV, so this would save you money. However, it is a huge pain to get 651 to stick to the canvas. It can definitely be done (I’ve done it before!), but it takes forever and you have to be very careful! You could paint the canvas white first (or whatever background color you want) and it would stick a little easier. This just adds some more time since you’ll have to wait for the paint to dry completely first. Another downfall is that Oracle 651 is very shiny, you may or may not like the look of that.

3) Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) )

This is by far the best-looking option, but the more expensive one too. I suppose you get what you pay for :) It will also get your project done faster. Using HTV is so quick and easy that I would argue that the time you save making it could be worth the extra dollar or two!

Other Materials Needed:

1) Rotary Cutter or X-Acto Knife

2) Acrylic Paint (I used FolkArt Medium Grey)

3) Foam Brush

4) Painters Tape

5) Staple Gun

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas tutorial

How to Make a Reverse Canvas: Step By Step Tutorial

1) Gather Materials

2) On the back of the canvas, cut on the outside of the staples, but as close as you can to them.

3) Paint Frame, being careful to get in the grooves of the frame. Let Dry for 24 Hours.

3) Design your image and Cut your Image. Click Here for the FREE “All you need is Love” SVG pictured above!

4) Apply your image to the canvas (paint/stick vinyl/heat press the HTV!)

5) Center image in frame and use painters tape to temporarily hold your canvas in place.

7) Turn canvas around and use staple gun to adhere the canvas to the frame. Trim canvas around the OUTSIDE of the staples.

8) Remove tape and display your project!

Valentine’s Day Reverse Canvas with Vinyl

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